Broken Windows

I am not the most sophisticated of critical thinkers. In fact, I prefer to keep things relatively simple. That said, I did recently read Malcom Gladwell’s book, Tipping Points , and have been fascinated by his description of Broken Windows. The reason this is fascinating to me is not because I believe it’s a solid […]

Speed of the Game

Have you ever felt like the entire day has been a rush and you struggle to find any accomplishments for the day?  You are overwhelmed, exhausted and struggle to add value? These are the days that I try stay away from but, unfortunately as leaders they do come along often and sometimes in bunches.  As […]

Study to Lead

What are you putting in your leadership fuel tank? Do you spend time with the news, periodicals, or books? Each one of us has an ability to lead, however, are we doing what it takes to keep that engine running? I was once told that leaders are readers and that’s the focus of this posting. […]