Together We Can Do Anything

My thoughts today bring me way back to my senior year in high school.  I, like most kids, had spent countless hours focused on fulling dreams of playing professional baseball, basketball or football.  Early on I learned about the process, which simplified, included high school sports, college and then the ultimate; professional sports. As a […]

Kick the Bucket

Credibility. It’s another word for trustworthy, believable, authentic, integrity and, as a leaders, we’re sized up by people around us daily. Are we credible? I don’t recall where I heard it first, or who said it, but they probably got it from someone else anyway. The point is, it’s one of those saying I’ve never […]

Words Matter

Did you happen to hear Brett Favre’s induction speech for the Pro Football Hall of Fame? I’m a sports fan so I tuned in for the entire speech. Though, one part stood out to me more than the rest (and, the rest was really good). Brett told a story he says he’s never shared with […]