Speed of the Game

Patrick Briggs (Flickr)

Patrick Briggs (Flickr)

Have you ever felt like the entire day has been a rush and you struggle to find any accomplishments for the day?  You are overwhelmed, exhausted and struggle to add value? These are the days that I try stay away from but, unfortunately as leaders they do come along often and sometimes in bunches.  As leaders we must first recognize these times and then work hard to slow the pace and stay confident.  I often times equate this to the development of a quarterback.

You have probably heard coaches talk about how the speed of the game for young quarterbacks can be overwhelming and many times create bad decisions and crush the confidence of a young leader.  But with game experience, practice, film study, ability to read defenses and most of all the mastering of the playbook, the game slows down.  This is a zone that we are all in quest of as we develop as leaders.

As you develop as a leader you must be like that young quarterback.  You must never get complacent. You must push yourself to get engaged and take challenges head on.  Learn from those around you through constant observation and most of all by listening and asking questions.  Understand your role and study the game plan.  Never get comfortable; always look to push yourself and never back down from a decision or moment that may make you uncomfortable.  The goal is to be the quarterback that works every day to perfect his craft.  Constantly in search of the skill set that will slow the game down no matter how difficult the challenge.  Embrace the highs and lows and know that you will master the position and lead your team victory.

As developing leaders, you will find yourself in and out of the zone if you’re lucky.  Why do I say lucky?  Because if staying in the zone is the only goal, then you may find yourself sitting still.  As leaders in search of growth and new challenges we must welcome those uncomfortable days of feeling rushed, frustrated, and overwhelmed.

Just remember; this is the price for success.   Embrace it and focus your efforts on slowing the game down.


Call to Action:

  1. Think about where you are today. Have you ever turned down an opportunity in fear of being uncomfortable? Don’t let this fear steer you away from personal growth and development.
  2. Where are you in your development of a quarterback? Are you working hard each day to slow the game down?
  3. What will you do today to slow the game down?

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