Work Slumps: 4 Ways to Break Free

David East (Unsplash)

David East (Unsplash)

We all get caught in a work slump sometimes.  Question is, how do you break free?  GueaxLeadership suggests the following four ideas to get you moving in the right direction.


  1. Get out from behind your computer. Studies show the average business person sends/receives more than 100 emails a day. With this kind of email traffic, it is not difficult to feel trapped behind your desk. It happens to all of us. I have found one of the best ways to break a “work slump” is to get out from behind my desk and go out into the field. Spend time with the employees and workers who make things happen. It energizes me and reminds me why I’m here in the first place. Without them, there is no desk or computers needed. If you’ve hit a wall, are having trouble making progress, or just need to hit “refresh” get up and go spend time with the folks you lead.
  1. Block out some time and call your mentor. First, we should all have a mentor and more than just one. Do you know that person who always seems to have their stuff together? Is there someone that always seems to motivate or inspire you? I know someone like that as well. And when I’m stuck in my own tracks I reach out to see what they are up to. Most of the time a simple call is enough. It reminds me that in the time I’m wasting, someone else is out there making a difference.
  1. Read something different. You already know how we feel about continuous learning, growing and teaching. But sometimes you just need to read something different. It is not uncommon for me to be reading several different books at one time. The reason? Sometimes I need something different to keep me moving forward. If I feel stuck, often times I’ll look outside of my library for something encouraging. Spend a few chapters inside a field of interest that does not apply to your profession. I find it somewhat a phenomenon how those messages I need are often hidden where I last think to look.
  1. Teach someone something you have mastered. Chances are there is someone just down the hall struggling with a topic you’ve already mastered. Or, there is probably someone junior to you that would love thirty minutes of your undivided attention and time explaining a particular topic. Holding this information to ourselves doesn’t help anyone. Also, something magical happens when you help someone else succeed. Simon explains this in “Leaders Eat Last” and why it is so powerful. Next time you hit a slump, grab someone who looks up to you and share with them your thought process on whatever topic they chose.


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  1. If you have other tips or trick on how to break out of a work slump, post them here so others can learn them.
  1. Try one of the four ways above and let me know if any of them help you break out of a slump.







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