Geaux Leadership

When a group of people, with the right hearts, come together to learn, grow and teach – unthinkable things happen.  From Jesus’ disciples to a little league team, the spirit of leadership is alive.  Some naturally separate to the top, others settle into truly unique but challenging niches.  Others are completely comfortable playing a specific role on the team other than “leader.”  All are needed.  However, is there really a difference?  If, for the sake of the group, there is……. still those same people are leaders in other social circles; family, community, etc.  The truth is, we all are leaders.  When trust is born amongst a group, people open up.  Even more, they can become comfortably vulnerable around each other.  This allows each to grow and to facilitate the growth of others.  I believe that is what is so magical about our Compass Moments (sign up to learn more).  We were designed and created as social people.  We were intended to be a part of a group, a clan, a community.   God made clear man by himself was not as intended (insert Eve).

If you’re currently engaged and active in learning, growing and teaching……great – GeauxLeadership is for you.

If you’ve recently been hiding in a cave and avoiding people at all cost…….great – GeauxLeadership is for you.

Join us and learn more.

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